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        Arthur research institute is located in jiaxing, zhejiang,and currently has nearly 80 employees.The director of the group research institute is fully responsible 

for the group research and development affairs, including the synthesis department, preparation department, analysis department, registration department, quality control department, scientific research management department and other functional departments. The R&D personnel are all graduated from East China University of Science 

and Technology, China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and other professional colleges.  More than 50% of the personnel have Master's degree or above ,and have pharmacology, pharmacy, including pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical chemistry and other professionals. They have high professional degree and research and development level , the team structure is reasonable.

         The company adopts a variety of ways to attract high-end talents to join Arthur R & D team. At present, there are several persons in charge of small molecule chemical anti-tumor field, cardio cerebrovascular field and psychotropic drug field, and many high-level talents in Zhejiang Province. The person in charge of the synthesis department, preparation department and analysis department all have doctor's degree in related fields, and have many years of experience in new drug research and development and project management.

         Arthur Research Institute is equipped with relevant small-scale and pilot production equipment and various inspection and testing instruments, more than 60 sets of precision testing instruments, and more than 50 sets of preparation synthesis small-scale and pilot equipment. The R & D organization structure with high efficiency, clear responsibilities, mutual cooperation and smooth communication has been established, and each functional department has been allocated reasonably. The function of R & D center has been improved to realize the integration research from small-scale research and pilot scale-up to preparation small-scale test and pilot scale-up to industrial production.
         Arthur Research Institute focuses on high-end preparations and high-end biopharmaceuticals; To carry out the research and development of anti infective drugs, anti-tumor drugs, neuropsychiatric drugs and chronic disease drugs. In accordance with Arthur medicine's "one main and multiple" strategic development direction, we are determined to forge ahead, and have created a R & D mode of combining imitation and innovation with independent innovation as the main body and joint development as the focus, so as to provide scientific and technological strategic guarantee for comprehensively improving Arthur medicine's overall strength in scientific and technological R & D, accelerating the transformation of new technology and the listing speed of new products.

R & D platform

Developable dosage forms

 Oral solid
 Matrix tablet
 Solid dispersions
 OROS tablet

 IR Tablets/Capsule



 Liquid self-emulsifying formulations
 Nanoparticle Suspension



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